Senior software iOS engineer

Yubo is hiring!


About Yubo

Yubo is a live social discovery app that makes it easy for Gen Z to make new friends and hang out online. By eliminating likes and follows, we empower young people to show up as their true selves and form genuine connections. As a platform serving teens and young adults, safety is a cornerstone of Yubo. All of our features and policies are developed with guidance from our board of safety experts, which is made up of respected leaders and online safety experts from organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), Thorn, and The Diana Award. Founded in France in 2015, more than 80 million users across more than 140 countries have joined Yubo to date. Visit us to learn more and follow our journey.

Job Description


As a Senior Software iOS Engineer, you:

-Create impactful features for Yubo and our users

- Contribute to the quality of the code base

- Able to resolve and deal with problems (complex UI, scaling, new technologies…)

- Support the team in its skills development (mentoring, sharing knowledge and best practice, code review, peer prog)

Preferred Experience

Technical & Mindset Prerequisites

>Professional background:

  • > 7 years on iOS 

  • Start-up / Scale-up

>Specific knowledge:

  • Strong knowledge of Swift 5 & UIKit

  • Craft advanced UI programmatically (without Storyboard / XIB)

  • Knowledge of SwiftUI

  • BtoC

>Soft skills:

  • Passionate

  • Ability to question yourself and challenge

  • Ownership, be a driving force in the development cycle

  • Communication is clear and effective

  • Adaptability

  • Team player

Technologies we use

iOS architecture: 100% Swift, Clean Architecture (mainly VIPER, work in progress), Live technology: WebRTC (C++/Objective-C)

The recruitment Process

  • Interview with TAM

  • Interview with Mobile Manager

  • Technical Test and debrief with the iOS team

  • Fit Interviews

Why Join Yubo?

Joining Yubo means becoming part of a visionary team that is reshaping social interactions for the Gen Z community. You will work directly with top leaders in the tech industry, gaining invaluable experience and making a significant impact. Our collaborative environment and commitment to innovation will provide you with the tools and support you need to thrive and grow. Many Exec Ops in this role eventually either take over the running of a department or step into other senior leadership positions within the company.

Our approach to privacy

  • As part of your job, you will be working on tools that process personal data relating to Yubo users.

  • As a social media platform, we require our employees to have a strong awareness and understanding of privacy issues, and in particular of children's online safety, privacy and well-being.

  • Every employee at Yubo is expected to participate in compliance with data protection regulations as well as the continuous improvement of our Privacy & Safety By Design measures.

At Yubo, we understand that our influence goes beyond our financial success and we endeavor to make beneficial contributions to our workforce and the communities where we operate. We aim to establish superior standards of conduct in our industry and are dedicated to encouraging positive behaviors, as we believe that this is crucial to accomplishing sustainable growth in the long term.

What Yubo will offer you: 

🤝Flexibility and autonomy: 

Our model relies on a hybrid culture, and we strongly believe that striking a good work-life balance enhances productivity. Therefore we give you flexibility and autonomy to choose your remote rhythm directly with your manager. 

Nevertheless, to stimulate cross-functional collaboration with the teams : 

- Paris and Île-de-France: 1 day per week at the office

- In Europe: 2 days per month at the office

☀️ Commitment towards employees well-being

Physical and mental wellness is of prime importance in our workspaces. Yubo’s headquarters is a safe and hazard-free workspace, built to reflect the new awareness of wellness at work. Our flex office offers a variety of amenities, including outdoor seating areas, quiet spaces, a playroom, an aromatic garden, a gym, and showers. 

We offer numerous benefits, including health insurance (fully reimbursed for both partners and children), safe care partnership, sports classes, lunch vouchers reimbursed at 60%, 100% coverage for sick leave, parental leave for both parents, a 100% covered Pass Navigo.

 🧠 Foster innovation, curiosity and creativity

Yubo is a team of diverse backgrounds and expertise gathered around common values:  

- Inventiveness: Hack your way to solve problems

- Velocity: Move fast in the right direction / fast iteration process

- Team player: Make your best as a team

- Excellence: Always strive for excellence

- Leadership: Everything is a way to become a leader - own, drive, and inspire

🥳 Togetherness and fun

Monthly team-buildings are held to celebrate, one incredible getaway per year to relax and enjoy, team-buildings per team to rediscover each other and reconnect, Switch or cards games after lunch, and, of course, kind and friendly teammates!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris
  • Possible partial remote